Terra | Mana Design Services

'Helping you create that perfect, functional space, suited specifically to your needs, that you cant wait to come home to! We can help to create the feelings and energy that will inspire your every day living!'

Terra | Mana offers custom design services, catered specifically to your home needs. Creating 'sacred spaces' and 'special places' within your home that are not only functional and practical to your needs, but that also inspire you on a daily basis. Terra | Mana can help in making your house a home, using select furniture, and adding the right personal touches to liven up any area of your home and make it specific to YOU.

Whether you need help sourcing the perfect pieces, unique to you and your space, or are looking for design assistance, from start to finish in creating or decorating select spaces in your home, Terra | Mana can help!

Please contact us directly to set up a design service consultation.


 Terra | Mana Design Concepts

Color Palettes; The colors you decide to bring into your home play a huge part in the overall feel of the space. You can liven up any space adding some color, or tone it down using neutrals. 

Plants; Plants are a beautiful life source that will fill out any space, and add an earthy touch. Using plants throughout your home is an easy way to liven things up, and make your space feel cozy and inviting.

Textiles; Whether its rugs, pillows, curtains, bedding, accents, ect.... textiles are a simple solution to add character to any space in your home. When it comes to textiles, even a little bit can go a long way!

Personal Touches; No matter what your style, this is where your house really becomes your home. Adding the right personal touches that speak to you, will help create the overall feel you cant wait to come home to!

Lighting; One easy way to create a warm, cozy feel to your space is to use alternative lighting. Lamps (of all sorts) are a functional addition to any space in your home, and can add so much to your overall ambiance. 

 - Combining every day living with beautiful aesthetics -