Earth Core Jewelry

Capturing Mother Natures beauty and essence in a bohemian fashion


About Earth Core

Earth Core Jewelry is a Boulder, CO based jewelry designer that specializes in hand-crafted, bohemian-inspired necklaces, earrings and other accessories with an earthy and organic feel. 

Focusing on the elemental energies of Earth media, Owner and Designer, Ana Ash, uses natural elements like wood, crystals & gemstone, feathers and leather to tie together visually stunning energy pieces. 


- Each piece is one of a kind -

Ana, is an Artist, passionate about Jewelry that holds the power and beauty of our Mother Earth. She considers Earth Core necklaces to be your own, personal energy piece! She recommends exploring the physical and psychological healing properties of your gemstones and 'charging your necklace', in the sunlight or moonlight, giving it intention.
Please feel free to contact us for custom orders and collaborative artwear.





- All designs are original and unique -

Earth Core jewelry specializes in 'Energy Necklaces'. Necklaces created out of precious gemstones, carrying the healing properties associated with these stones. 

As well as necklaces, we have bohemian style earrings! 

We also have decorative (embellished) handbags and purses. Stock varies on these, as they are all original and unique. Ana sources new and gently used purses, and bags of all kinds and sorts, and embellishes them. Giving each one an earthy touch using the same earth elements as in her jewelry and home decor.



We now offer wholesale collections for select retailers. Please contact us to see our current wholesale inventory.